Guest page

On the 1st of September 2006 a guest page was opened within the Art Map. The guest pages present work of some interesting artist not belonging to this group. The guest pages were opened by Vladimir Zorin, an environmental artist from Petrozavodsk, a city located in Karelia in north-western Russia.

If you are willing to be a guest, please read the instructions and contact us via e-mail.

Summer 2008
Leila Tanskanen
March 2008
... a break ...

But please take a look at
Halifax Art Map.

There´s life also
on the west side
of the Atlantic.
February 2008
Vladimir Lobanov
January 2008
Leena Nylander
December 2007
Inger Södergren 
November 2007
Christina Wassberg
October 2007
Silja Ahola
September 2007
Pasquale Musella
August 2007
Huub Mikx
July 2007
Henry Pyykönen
June 2007
Anne Pehkonen
May 2007
ODD DANCE theatre
April 2007
Maarit Björkman
The 1st of April 2007
A finding!
March 2007

Tiina Éno

February 2007
Peter Hoogers
January 2007
Maija Holma
December 2006
Juha-Pekka Vartiainen
November 2006
Ingvill Maus
October 2006
Victoria Zorina
September 2006
Vladimir Zorin