Art Map 2017


The thirteenth summer of Art Map in 2017 is opened in the atmosphere of the jubilee year of Finland's independency.

Four art exhibitions opening at different times are hidden in Art Map destinations in Eno. This year Art Map includes artists Reetta Gröhn-Soininen, Tuija Hirvonen-Puhakka, and Helena Vartiainen. Free admission to all exhibitions!


Art exhibitions opening in June:

In Eno library you can visit the Art Map exhibition from 12th June until the end of July. In June the artists will open their doors for navigation at the Annala Studio and at the Pohjapiste Gallery.

Opening in July - August:

The Pohjapiste Gallery Art Exhibition open in July.
In July and August you can also drop in to Louhitalo's Contemporary Art Exhibition by the road to Lieksa.
In July and August Art Map will tune up a joint exhibition further away in Tyko Gallery in Nurmes.
The Blueberry Hill Music Festival in Ilomantsi on the first weekend of August will also include an Art Map Joint  Exhibition.