Helena Vartiainen - Curriculum vitae

Helena Vartiainen, painter
Born in Eno 1963


Studies of art in Liminka art school 1983-85
Teachers e.g. William Dennisuk and  Mary Jane Gregory

Icon painting studies supervised by Father Robert de Caluwé 1987

Artisan examination, Arts and crafts school, Oulu, 1991

Painter examination, North Carelian Polytechnic, Joensuu, 1995

Painting with casein tempera

I have been painting with tempera since 1995 and have created an original painting technique. I use casein, which is a traditional glue used by carpenters, as the medium of my paint and mix it with colour pigments. I paint on paper using different sized spatulas. "Painting is like music."  

Paintings of nature, images of water 

My painting technique is especially suitable for painting water in it´s varying forms; running, frozen, as fog, as veil of snow. Paintings of North Carelian nature - the dim light of January, snow-packed trees, running rapids that do not freeze even in coldest winter. Moments in February when sharp sunshine paints the landscape. In March the winter loses it´s stregth and in April the land-covering snow sighs and starts to vanish. Subjects for paintings that derive from images of my childhood in Sarvinki, Eno - and the everlasting, dark and cold winter.

"Course of water", a painting in Eno health-care center, 1999

Several exhibitions with theme "Course of water", 1999-2001

Exhibition "Winter grows old", Ilomantsi, 2004

"Dispensation", a triptych, Church of Rantakylä, Joensuu, 2005
Exhibition "Colours of water", Salla, Lapland,  winter 2005-06  

Images of people

I have been painting people since 1995. In these paintings I mix together casein tempera and drawing with charcoal and dry pastels.

Red lady”, Joensuu Art Museum collections, 1995  

Environmental art          

"On the way" in the Church of Pielisensuu, Joensuu, Easter 1994
in collaboration with Eija Ikävalko-Känkänen and Juha-Pekka Vartiainen

"White sorrow" in the North Carelian central hospital, summer 1995
Forest Cube” in the market place of Joensuu, summer 1996
in collaboration with Liisa Nikitin, Jaana Tolonen and Juha-Pekka Vartiainen    

Own workshop  

Buying an an old school building in Eno 1996.    

Art gallery Pohjapiste

Exhibitions in Pohja school  

POHJA CHRISTMAS, 1998, opening exhibition

With Marja Hassinen

With Marja Hassinen and a group of villagers

With Päivi Romppanen

Target number 4 on the Art Map of Eno    

Nyhjäsy Villagers´group in Pohjapiste

The principle of Nyhjäsy is to make useful, decorative and art objects out of natural and recycled materials. Gatherings on Sundays during winter, courses during summer. Participants of different ages.    

Artists of Eno -group

First meeting in Pohjapiste, 2004

Joint exhibition VILLAGE DOGS, 2004

Art Map of Eno, summer 2005

Joint exhibition in Uimaharju, 2005

Joint exhibition NATURALLY in Joensuu, 2006