Tuija Hirvonen-Puhakka

Tuija HP


The Finnish visual painter, artist Tuija HP (Hirvonen-Puhakka) lives and works in Eno, Finland. HP has completed a visual artist Imatra Art School in 1993. She has worked as a visual artist, teaching and counseling positions in the visual arts field, as well as industry associations, organizations and elected offices. HP works mainly with large-sized oil paintings, but also mixed technique and graphics, as well as environmental, installation and community art. She has also taken part in numerous group exhibitions, Art Fairs and Art Festivals both national and international. Member of the Painters´ Union of Finland and the Artists Association of Finnish.


Artist Statement

My life is in the art.

I am deeply inspired by our shared experiences as human beings, cultural and individual. Being an artist is for me a continuous process of trying to reflect upon the uncertainty of our being in and encountering the world.


I am start to work straight on the idea that often comes from a feeling of a landscape, light and shadow or human beings or a dream, or the world. I am choose a certain pallet of colors and paint the first impression very fast, and then keep on painting more slowly, while examining the relationships between colors. Usually I start a painting with acrylic colors and pigments, continuing with oil colors to finish the long process.


Color and tone, line and shape, edges and paint, thick and thin form compositions in three and two

-dimensional space in the painting. At some stage I am hang the work that is mind-process on the wall so that I can see it often. Sometimes it may take a longer while for me to be ready to keep working on it. I continue painting as long as nothing in the painting bothers me too much. Usually In my ateljee walls is hanging all over the paintings and artworks. I paint several paintings and artworks of simultaneously.


The thing, what draws me towards community art and installation and theatre staging is the boundary of between the reality or the dream. I can create and representation of space with the light and shadow or colour.


Water pipe below